Micro SD EVO+ 64GB Memory Card w/ Adapter samsung

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Up to 80MB/s Transfer Speed with Class 10 and UHS-1 compatibility
Great Performance in Action Cameras, High-end Smartphones and Tablet PCs
Ideal for Full HD Video recording and high resolution pictures
Reliability Built to Last - Water, Temperature, X-ray and Magnetic Proof

Fast Read & Write Speeds

Samsung’s microSD EVO Plus has added memory capacity and multi-device functionality so you can focus on life, not technology. This UHS-1, Class 10 compatible memory card is perfect for capturing photos and for video recording & playback in Full HD. And with read & write speeds of up to 80MB/s & 20MB/s respectively, apps and videos load quicker and files transfer faster.

Full HD Video

Capture the moments that matter. With the Samsung EVO Plus microSD Card, you can shoot rich and detailed Full HD videos on your smartphone, tablet, or camera and be confident that each memory will be safe. Play your videos back on your Full HD TV or monitor and relive the experience as vividly as the day it happened


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